116 Sailboat of Relaxation

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Mar 29, 20180m
116 Sailboat of Relaxation
Mar 29 '180m
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The meditation this week is a favorite for relaxation from the archive. It starts around 2 minutes in. The first 2 minutes this week I share some changes you can expect to see in advertising types (and frequency) moving forward on the show! Want to hear more from me about how to use your brain to create your best possible life? Check out "Healthy Crazy Life: Simple Wellness and Weight Loss Hacks for Busy Women" It's a FREE, ONLINE event with guest experts…including me! :-) Sign Up at http://ChelHamilton.com/HCL Event starts April 2nd. My interview is released April 7th! http://ChelHamilton.com/HCL Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash

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