Oct 30, 20151h 29m
Episode 021
Oct 30 '151h 29m
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Bethel, AK. Steven Rinella talks with Janis Putelis, Mike Washlesky, and Korey Kaczmareck from the MeatEater crew. Subjects discussed: Nunivak Cup'ig Eskimos; Texas pride; jumping out of helicopters while snowboarding; the circumpolar distribution of blue mussels; muskox wool; the Arctic explorer Robert Peary; Mickey Mouse boots vs. bunny boots; the poet and novelist Sadaam Hussein; gear list for a Nunivak Island muskox hunt; Russian fur traders; the subsistence lifestyle on Nunivak Island; seal skin hat-buying misadventures; feeling like an ecological participant vs. an ecological voyeur; and putting into words why you sometimes just want to go right back out and do the same hunt all over again.

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