Sep 3, 20151h 28m
Episode 017
Sep 3 '151h 28m
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Seattle, Washington. The Complete Podcast Accompaniment to the Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game. Steven Rinella talks with Janis Putelis from the MeatEater crew about the newly released guidebook. Subjects discussed: how Janis became the world's most powerful t-shirt magnate; the problem with gun writers; why Steve isn’t cut out for reading any post-WWII hunting material; the making of the guidebook; what's in the guidebook; why Steve thinks you are smarter before you get married and have kids; making sense of cartridge nomenclature systems; wildlife photographer John Hafner; hunting mentors; the importance of being a versatile big game hunter; authors Jack O’Connor, Robert Ruark, and Chuck Hawks; cutting through the BS of archery equipment; good hunting etiquette on private property; inside tips on how to get good hunting info; and plenty more.

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