Ep. 162: Landscape of Fear

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Apr 1, 20192h 57m
Ep. 162: Landscape of Fear
Apr 12h 57m
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Steven Rinella talks with Dr. Kevin Monteith, Dr. Matt Kaufmann, Jared Oakleaf, and Janis Putelis.

Subjects discussed: genetics that rewrite our understanding of animals; big game guts; learning how to migrate; who pays for wildlife research?; brain scrambling, extreme sports, and wildlife capture; advancing modern wildlife management; how the rut kills bucks and bulls; the strange and far-ranging journeys of deer; the mule deer heyday; lighting a fuse and leaving the room; why scientists hate to speculate; eruptive dynamics; surfing the green wave; climate change; the importance of migration corridors and stopover areas; and more.

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