Ep. 150: Tough Assed Questions Vol. 3

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Jan 7, 20191h 56m
Ep. 150: Tough Assed Questions Vol. 3
Jan 71h 56m
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Bozeman, MT-Steven Rinella talks with Sam Lungren, Morgan Mason, and Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.

Subjects Discussed: the bird as a "Michigan hello"; quick thought on Secretary Zinke’s departure; Jani’s heart health; throwing lead at Jani’s solstice party; making your own lures and catching big fish; what happens when you snag a seagull; taking drugs to fight buck fever; the hard knock life of blue-collar deer and the immunity of white-collar deer; disinfected deer; is tender food a fad?; the big seasonal differences in taste of black bear meat; glass or boots?; why are some squirrels tougher than others?; how much wild game does it take to feed your family?; what is road hunting and is it bad?; muskies are back in fashion; and more.

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