Engineers’ Talk – DevOp and Tester Vassilis Rizopoulos – MES023

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Dec 8, 20150m
Engineers’ Talk – DevOp and Tester Vassilis Rizopoulos – MES023
Dec 8 '150m
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I have mentioned the Embedded Testing conference in Munich in episode 20. One of the presentation was about "Applying DevOps Principles to Software-Hardware Integration Test". Vassilis Rizopoulus, naming himself as DevOp and Tester, explained further details, their tooling, automated testing and the mandatory environment. I was excited and we have had an extraordinary talk after his contribution. Some days later I asked him for an interview. I am sure that Vassilis' ideas and thoughts will be helpful for a lot of engineers out there. Especially engineers who wanted to try something knew, but who might need some trigger to change their way of thinking and habit. Vassilis works as an engineer at Zühlke in Germany since 2001. He has tons of experience and knowledge. According his own statement on his company blog he has "... helped build software for devices as small as a cookie to as large as a 60-ton locomotive". Moreover he was co-organiser of the European Ruby Conference in Athens in 2013. You see, Vassilis is an outstanding personality and I am very happy to present you this talk. We're discussing about DevOp-priniciples. His will to automatize everything. The infrastructure you need for day-by-day development. And of course the mother of all questions: what are the differences between SW-tester and SW-developer.

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