Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/8/19

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May 9, 20191h 53m
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/8/19
May 9 '191h 53m
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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Donald Trump ran for president and the media, the Republican establishment, and Democrats did everything they could to defeat him, and he won. The Obama Administration went to unheard of lengths to destroy his campaign and then his presidency. Yet, Trump won. The moment he was elected the Democrats started plotting his impeachment to remove and destroy Trump, by hook or by crook. Their two-year investigation failed, so they abandoned their ethics and abused the reporting requirement to concoct the notion of obstruction of justice, despite Robert Mueller not filing any criminal charges. Attorney General William Barr has offered to make the secret Grand Jury information in the report available to members of Congress in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Center (SCIF) but Jerry Nadler rejected it demanding that Barr violate the law and share secret Grand Jury information included in the Mueller report. Voting to find Barr in contempt of Congress is a political ploy to make it look like Barr is trying to hide something because Trump is somehow guilty of something. Now, they're using these Marxist and Alinsky tactics to after his finances, accountants, and his son Donald Trump Jr. Republicans in the Senate Intel Committee have issued a subpoena for the testimony of Don Jr. The Democrats are playing with political fire. They’re setting the stage for reversing the 2016 election results and disenfranchising some 60 million Americans. That’s what all these staged committee investigations and subpoenas are about. This is a coup effort and a grave mistake. Using the Constitution to destroy the Constitution will not go down well with tens of millions of citizens. Then, we must push back, because we are at the precipice of a philosophical battle for our culture and values as Americans—private property rights, our second amendment rights, and quite frankly our right to our faith.

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