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Jan 8, 201911m | se1 : e1
Welcome to Make Some Noise
Jan 8 '1911m | se1e1
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After a 10 year journey through the challenges of depression and anxiety, Karly Nimmo (host of the No.1 iTunes hit, Karlosophies) is exploring all things creativity, self expression and mental wellbeing on this brand new podcast, Make Some Noise.

In future episodes, Karly will be chatting with Psychologists, Art and Music Therapists, and people who have experienced mental illness, about the impact of creativity and self expression on mental health and an overall sense of meaning and purpose. But in this episode Karly shares a little of her own story and what brought her to start Make Some Noise.

Head to karlynimmo.com to access Karly's free Find Your Freq audio course.

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