Birth Trauma Disconnection from your body and Dance

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Mar 14, 20191h 3m | se1 : e13
Birth Trauma Disconnection from your body and Dance
Mar 14 '191h 3m | se1e13
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Today, on Make Some Noise we meet Sharon Pakir, a speaker, trainer, coach and facilitator. She is a director of The Trailblazer Tribe — a company that helps its clients achieve personal, professional, and business growth.

In this episode, Sharon shares her incredible story with us. Sharon and Karly discuss trauma after an experience with death and huge medical trauma during the birth of her 2nd son and the way that art can help you overcome the worst periods in your life.

1:33 – An introduction of Sharon Pakir and a little background of what she does
3:48 – The beginning of her incredible story
27:25 – Sharon speaks about using art to help you with your trauma
33:00 – Karly and Sharon talks about how we all feel lonely which is the reason why we want to do anything so our kids doesn’t feel the same
38:00 - The rough period that we are going through is often reflected on our bodies.
48:40 – Sharon talks about learning to love your body again after trauma
54:34 - “We can use all of our experience and pain to create things”

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