61: DUNKIN DONUTS with Kassia Miller

Episode of: MAKE ME LIKE IT

Jun 15, 201756m
61: DUNKIN DONUTS with Kassia Miller
Jun 15 '1756m
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Dunkin Donuts is another one of those chains that lost it's touch a long-ass time ago. The 1980s were obviously the heyday of Dunkin Donuts when their brown/orange/pink color scheme made sense and people actually wanted to see a depressing commercial where an old man toiled away at donut-making. These days, we don't have many nice things to say about Dunkin Donuts. What's to like? Kassia Miller is here to tell us. Kassia Miller is a writer and actor known for her award-winning pilot Imaginary Friend and writing for Trial & Error and Last Man on Earth! She's also made a short film or two that you should check out! If you’ve got any questions, comments, or concerns about the current, past, or future Make Me Like It podcasts, shoot Dan and Kelly an email at littlepuppyquestions@gmail.com! Theme Music by John Haskell Logo Art by Darin Shuler.

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