Ep 16 Kerri Hooper with Gulf Islands Roof and Gutter Cleaning
Jan 1743m
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Kerri Hooper chats about his company Gulf Islands Roof and Gutter Cleaning. We cover how it's best to follow logic and opportunity over passion, how to start a business from scratch hitchhiking around the island, and to grow a business slowly bit by bit. https://www.facebook.com/GulfIslandsRoofCleaning/ www.youtube.com/kerrihooper Join the facebook group Make it Bake it Grow it to discuss the episodes, share your creations and find support in other entrepreneurs. www.facebook.com/groups/MakeitBakeitGrowit/ Interested in Glitter Queens? glitterqueensgathering@gmail.com Link to Zoho One (the CRM I use instead of quickbooks) https://www.prodigm.ca/zoho-one Please subscribe, rate and review on Itunes. This podcast is produced by me, Aly Coy and hosted by the Gulf Islands Radio. Behind me in the intro was Jo Cho by the Rawadzano Marimba band, a salt spring market classic. Thanks for listening I'm Aly Coy and until next Thursday, keep making, baking and growing it. GET IN TOUCH www.barefootdaughter.com email alycoy@barefootdaughter.com to be on the show!

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