Ronan Will Find You

Episode of: Lovett or Leave It

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Sep 15, 20181h 1m
Ronan Will Find You
Sep 15 '181h 1m
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Disturbing allegations emerge against Brett Kavanaugh, CBS ousts Les Moonves and confronts a misogynist workplace culture, Serena Williams deals with a bunch of bullshit, Tucker Carlson goes full fascist, and in honor of the high holidays, we atone for how our culture mistreated Monica Lewinsky, Marcia Clark, and Britney Spears. Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii joins Jon to talk about the Supreme Court and being the best senator on Twitter, and Erin Ryan and comedian Janelle James join to break down a big week of news. Also, it's fine that Ronan doesn't listen to the podcast. He's busy.

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