Local to Global with Nick Hewer

Local to Global with Nick Hewer

Published by: Exporting is GREAT
7 Episodes | First Released: Jan 3

In Local to Global, presenter Nick Hewer interviews British business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs about their experiences of growing UK businesses around the world and their insights into trading globally. During these conversations, Nick discovers the personal stories and memorable moments that inspired these people to first start their business and then make the leap from local to international phenomenon.

Teasing out the top tips for success, Local to Global provides useful insights for any business big or small aspiring to make it on the world stage.

Jan 22
Rating:   10
Informative & inspiring! *****

Really insightful and enjoyable podcast with great nuggets of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Nick’s questioning and conversation steering is masterful and the guests are genuinely interesting - not the usual big names but real, down-to-earth start ups making waves worldwide.

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