Jun 22, 20182h 1m | se1 : e12
Liquid Sunshine Radio Show #19 - Boxing Songs - Special Guest: Josh 'Timebomb' Tonna - 21-06-18
Jun 22 '182h 1m | se1e12
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Liquid Sunshine is a weekly radio show on Artsound FM in Canberra - two hours of the best funks, grooves and beats presented by DJ Hutspot - The Disco Sasquatch.

This week the Liquid Sunshine Discotheque is visited by special guest Josh 'Timebomb' Tonna. Josh is a world champion kickboxer, with several belts under his, ahhh... belt. He came to play some of his favourite fighter walk out songs, the songs that are being played when the fighter walks up to the ring. And, Liquid Sunshine suggests some songs he could use himself. Expect lots of funk, hip-hop, gangsta rap and a smathering of disco. Every song played has been used in the ring!

Keep your ear out from some cracking tunes!

Liquid Sunshine is on air every Thursday from 10 to midnight on Artsound FM 92.7 in Canberra or online

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