LexisNexis® Government Info Pro Podcast

LexisNexis® Government Info Pro Podcast

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14 Episodes | First Released: Oct 22 '07 | 🇺🇸
The LexisNexis® Government Info Pro Podcast is dedicated to the needs and interests of government information professionals.
Jan 29 '09
Rating:   10
Sharing stories and ideas

These podcasts are wonderful! They are rich in ideas and firsthand stories from creative and innovative people sharing how they are using today's technologies to offer better products and services. What a great way to share ideas.

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Kid Kyote
Dec 8 '08
Rating:   2
Must not be much going on with the government....

Its been since AUGUST 2008 since we have had a podcast. Well done.

It feels like someone thought a podcast would be a good sales tool- and then realized it takes work to keep them up to date. Tough lesson to learn.

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