Why Taking A Year Off Changed My Life Forever | Special Guest - Mrs No Breakfast Guy

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Apr 14, 20191h 33m | se1 : e15
Why Taking A Year Off Changed My Life Forever | Special Guest - Mrs No Breakfast Guy
Apr 14 '191h 33m | se1e15
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In 2016 my daughter was born and my life, in an instant, was changed forever. I had feelings of joy, terror, excitement and fear of what lay ahead and my thoughts moved to asking myself... "What kind of father will I be to this child and what will she think of me in the years to come?"

I grew up in a typical middle class family with loving parents who worked hard, saved their money and brought with them the values of a post war upbringing. While my parents instilled in me work ethic and the value of an honest days work, I knew that I wanted to live a different life and a life that would see me spend EVERY single moment I possibly could with my wife and children.

My father worked INCREDIBLY hard (as did my mother) and while he rarely, if ever, missed the really important parts of my upbringing, I really didn't see much of him in the first 16 years of my life. He would travel for work, be up early to head to work for a meeting or get to the gym/run before going to work and was on many occasions home late.

So, when I decided to take a year off, just as Amelia was born, I thought I would get a speech that went something along the lines of... "This is no time to mess about and galavant around the world! Time to settle down and be the responsible father you need to be for your family"

What I heard though was something MUCH different and what my father told me, inspired me even more so to jump on a plane and never regret taking this time to spend with my girls and take a step back from life in general.

Listen in to this weeks podcast and I hope you enjoy the deep dive I take with my wife on what this trip meant to me and us and why it fundamentally changed my outlook on life and why I believe I have become a much better father and husband as well as a better practitioner and business owner.

I wish you a great week and I look forward to being back with you all again NEXT WEEK!

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