Real Life No Breakfast Stories - Kirstin Appleton

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Mar 3, 201944m | se1 : e9
Real Life No Breakfast Stories - Kirstin Appleton
Mar 3 '1944m | se1e9
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All the way from New Zealand, Kirstin Appleton shares her journey of life, how she came to find the no breakfast lifestyle and how that has impacted her life.

I LOVE talking to all of you whether it is via DM's in Instagram, emails or in the comments sections of my posts. However, NOTHING beats having a face to face chat and finding out much more about YOU and YOUR journey.

I had soo much fun on this chat and I honestly believe that these kinds of podcasts are FILLED with value and that anyone who is looking to jump into the no breakfast life should take a listen. If you have ever been curious about fasting and the no breakfast life or have been doing it for a while and cant seem to get the hang of things, then sit back, put your feet up and hear first hand how Kirstin turned her life around and is living proof that this lifestyle can see you live a happy, healthy and LONG life.

If you are interested in sharing your journey with me and the podcast while also having a FREE Skype consult (Valued at $120) at the same time, feel free to hit me up on any of the details below.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy the show!!!

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Until next time... CIAO!

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