I Watched The Movie Free Solo and It Changed My Life

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Feb 10, 201927m | se1 : e6
I Watched The Movie Free Solo and It Changed My Life
Feb 10 '1927m | se1e6
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This is a really impromptu episode and not what this channel will usually be posting, however, after seeing the movie Free Solo I had to get onto the mic and talk about what I had just witnessed and why I was soo moved by it.

If you don't know what the movie is about, it is about the journey by Alex Honnold, considered one of if not the best rock climbers in the world, to climb the El Capitan wall. While this is a feet in and of itself, he was looking to do it WITHOUT ANY ROPES!!!

If you haven't seen the movie, go and see it RIGHT NOW, even if you are not interested in rock climbing. I hope my ramblings and review of the movie can somehow capture what I was feeling the moments after I had seen this movie and it gives you an insight into what you could expect from going to see it as well.

All I know is this movie has changed my life and I am even more hell bent on changing the world and eradicating type 2 diabetes from the planet!

If you see the movie or have seen the movie, message me on instagram or send me an email and let me know what you thought?

Have the best day EVER!

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