Tracey Martin on changes to the NCEA system

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May 13, 20196m
Tracey Martin on changes to the NCEA system
May 13 '196m
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Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin joins Heather du Plessis-Allan to talk about NCEA's latest changes, with a renewed focus on external examinations. The Government's proposed having no more than 50-percent of a subject internally assessed, including subjects that have traditionally been fully internally assessed, such as Physical Education. Sixty credits will earn an NCEA, down from 80 at present, but students must also achieve 20 credits in literacy and numeracy as a "co-requisite". The changes will mean a sharper focus on literacy and numeracy skills, as well as the removal of the qualification's yearly fee. Martin says it became clear to them that changes had to be made. "What the expert advisory panels have found is that there are ways we can do better for our students." LISTEN TO TRACEY MARTIN TALK WITH HEATHER DU PLESSIS-ALLAN ABOVE.

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