Oliver Peterson: South Australian tradie ‘can’t remember’ alleged Bali rampage

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Aug 12, 20194m
Oliver Peterson: South Australian tradie ‘can’t remember’ alleged Bali rampage
Aug 124m
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A South Australian tradie who’s alleged to have kung-fu kicked a motorcyclist, thrown himself at a moving car and assaulted a man sleeping in his bed in a bizarre Bali rampage says he can’t remember any of it. Footage of the incident — filmed in the popular Aussie tourist destination of Kuta as stunned locals watched on — shows Nicholas Carr knocking a local cyclist off his motorbike in a shower of sparks. As a local yells out “hey, stupid”, the footage then appears to show the 26-year-old apprentice builder deliberately running into the bonnet of a moving car. As he charges towards the car, the tourist can be heard shouting “f**k this, f**k you, you f**king c**t” before throwing himself at the car. Brushing off the impact, he then runs down the street while being chased by two locals. New footage, obtained by Channel 9, allegedly shows Mr Carr ambushing grandfather Nyoman Purda and throwing the stranger off his own porch while claiming someone was trying to kill him. Footage also shows him rambling after he was tied up and detained in a citizen’s arrest. “Someone do the right thing here, someone put their hand up and be like ‘it’s this one’. I had the chance to do the right thing, f**k it,” Mr Carr can be heard saying. However, the apprentice builder has now spoken out about the incident — saying he was drunk after going to two bars and can’t remember much from the night. “I can’t really remember most of it,” Carr told Seven News from inside a cell at Kuta police station. He said he had drunk “a lot”, including vodka and cocktails. “I have drunk until I have blacked out, but I have never done this before, ever,” he said. He also said he had never “willingly” taken drugs. Mr Carr said he regretted the incident, wanted to pay the victims compensation and was worried he would face criminal charges. “I just want to see my family,” he said. Police allege Mr Carr smashed minimart window and a restaurant window and assaulted a man sleeping in his bed. Pictures taken later show Mr Carr tied up by his feet and covered in blood. He was hospitalised and given psychiatric testing. His fly-kick victim, Wayan Wirawan, luckily sustained only minor cuts and grazes. “I was on my way to work. Suddenly, a foreign man kicked me. I was extremely shocked. I don’t understand, why did he do that?” Mr Wayan told 7 News. Mr Carr is now facing serious charges of assault, which carry a maximum penalty of two years and eight months behind bars.  

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