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The latest news stories from 89.3 KPCC, Southern California Public Radio.
Aug 9 '17
Rating:   10
Gives me a choice!

This podcast is giving me the So Cal. news that I want. But the best part is that I can pick and choose the items that I want to listen to. I'm in Cherry Valley (Rivrside County), but still get news and information necessary fo my daily life. I've been listening to KPCC for 25 or more years. But the last 15 its been mainly on the internet because we are in a radio desert.So thank you KPCC for your podcasts!

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Jan 22 '15
Rating:   8
Slow to update?

Outstanding mix of regional news stories and bits from other NPR shows. My only gripe is that occasionally, the update to podcasts lag behind the up- to-the-minute radio broadcasts, but still very good content.

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Chris in Pasadena
Nov 14 '12
Rating:   4
News mixed with other KPCC shows

This channel used to be just the news shorts and was not comingled with other KPCC shows. I *LOVE* the news shorts and want the other shows out of the mix. I subscribe to some of those shows and really *DON'T* want some of the others. Now I'm getting duplicates of some of the other shows that I've subscribed to. Now it's just a mess.

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