Death Stranding Looks Chill and Normal

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May 30, 20191h 26m
Death Stranding Looks Chill and Normal
May 301h 26m
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Episode 181: Baby Ghost... Recon? Kirk, Jason, and Maddy talk video games, from Dark Souls 3 to Observation, then dive into news of the week (29:00) including Death Stranding's ridiculous new trailer (and 2019 release date!), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and EA Play. The crew hears from a listener who does game analytics for a major video game company, then they get into off-topic talk on Veep, Educated, Fleabag, 24, 24, and 24 (1:04:54).

Music Pick of the Week: “Grey Seal” by Elton John from his 1973 album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


Politico Article:

Justin McElroy on Anor Londo:

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