Ep24: Laura & Isaac - Induction, Episiotomy, Forceps, Ruptured Appendix

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Feb 7, 201938m | se1 : e24
Ep24: Laura & Isaac - Induction, Episiotomy, Forceps, Ruptured Appendix
Feb 738m | se1e24
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In Episode 24 I speak with Laura Deveth about the birth of her first Son Isaac. Laura takes us through her induction when she was 42 weeks, which lasted a few days before Isaac was born with the assistance of an episiotomy and forceps. 

Laura and her partner Aaron decided to move to the Waikato not long after Isaac was born to be closer to family, which she explains was difficult to do with a Newborn. Laura experienced extreme pain in her stomach about 6 weeks after Isaac was born, it turns out her Appendix had ruptured and she was raced to hospital, very unwell. Laura explains how the period after her hospital stay was the hardest for her as a new Mum - adjusting to life how it had been for her family while she was away was confronting and difficult. Laura takes us through how she managed this and tips she would have for other families in similar situations. 

If you want to check out Laura and her lovely family on Instagram you can do so @laurahinemoa

Thanks for joining me on the Podcast Laura!

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