HELLOOOOO....Are You Ignoring Me?!?!

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Sep 10, 201853m | se1 : e14
HELLOOOOO....Are You Ignoring Me?!?!
Sep 10 '1853m | se1e14
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EPISODE 14! This week we discussed neglect play or abandonment kink! This topic was something that a few people know very little about, which you'll see we knew very little as well. This episode is more a conversation than educational this week as Josh (Talkingshitpodcast_) and our special guest Alexis discuss our takes on being ignored as a fetish! RATE AND SUBSCRIBE! www.patreon.com/kinkswithkeke EMAIL: kinkswithkeke@gmail.com IG: @kinkswithkekepodcast Twitter/Tumblr: @kinkswithkeke Song of the week: Focus-H.E.R Kink connect: No kink connect this week

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