Tom Segura, Richard Kind, and Raccoon Boy

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Apr 9, 20192h 13m
Tom Segura, Richard Kind, and Raccoon Boy
Apr 9 '192h 13m
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Tom Segura (55:10) comes through and explains why his wife thought he was an expert on strippers, his goal of buying a jet, the early days of the Joe Rogan Experience, and Garth Brooks committing several murders. Richard Kind (1:44:13) stops buy to tell us what it's like to get a duffel bag full of cash from George Clooney. KFC and Feits throw it back to the very 1st ad read ever done back on episode #24 in 2013, recap this year's first Barstool At The Ballpark, and cancel non-conformists. Voicemails include does small hands mean small dick, post nut clarity, forget how to eat or forget how to walk, and would you take small feet for a big dick.

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