Quickie: 2 Virgins, 1 Night

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Sep 10, 201817m
Quickie: 2 Virgins, 1 Night
Sep 10 '1817m
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Straight from the KFCR Mailbox: A few years ago in high school, two of my guys friends (they were best friends) both lost their virginity to the same girl in the same night. For almost a year, I was the only person outside of guy #1 who know she'd hooked up with both of them. When it came out, and to this day, guy #2 is mad at me for not telling him. Personally I think guy #1, HIS BEST FRIEND, should have been the one to break that news. Let me know your thoughts.

@JayHayKid pops in to tell a great threesome story.


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