Matt Barnes, Mache Customs, and Sober John

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May 16, 20191h 59m
Matt Barnes, Mache Customs, and Sober John
May 16 '191h 59m
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Matt Barnes (56:00) stops by to talk about the Kobe Didn't Flinch play, not testing positive for weed, protecting Blake Griffin, and why the Zion needs to be in NY. Mache Customs (1:20:55) comes through to talk about his custom sneaker designs with KFC. John has sobered up and explains the bender and how he poisoned himself. The Office topics: stuff you ate as a kid (Hubbs), hook up spots (YP). NY sports is a dumpster fire, as usual. Voicemails: selling farts, uniform fantasy, should i quit my job and move to NYC, and POV options.

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