Ruthie Lindsey - Who Is My Being Self Instead Of My Doing Self?

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Apr 21, 202058m
Ruthie Lindsey - Who Is My Being Self Instead Of My Doing Self?
Apr 2158m
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Who is my being self instead of my doing self?This week we sit down with Ruthie Lindsey to talk about finding complete value in who we are — just as we are. So many of us are caught up in finding identity in what we do. But what does it look like to find our value simply in who we are?This is the journey to wholeness.Ruthie Lindsey is the expert of finding purpose in the midst of pain. She has overcome what seems insurmountable to so many, and has come out on the other side helping so many others find purpose in their pain.Her new book, There I Am: The journey from hopelessness to healing is not just about the magic of optimism, but the work of it. Ruthie's extraordinary memoir urges us to unlearn the stories of brokenness that we tell ourselves and embrace the wholeness, joy, and healing that lives inside all of us.Ruthie is a speaker, author, podcast host, and social media figure, She travels the globe sharing her story, empowering others to find purpose in their pain, and to look for beauty in the midst of their sacred wounds. This episode is gold- and so timely. More than ever, so many of us are being challenged to look at our stories, to evaluate and ask how we can live a life of empowering others, even in the midst of our struggles.If you’re someone who has ever asked “why” about your own story, this episode is for you. Ruthie’s ability to navigate pain, trauma, healing, and recovery are so beautiful, and her perspective will challenge you to lean more deeply into your own story and suffering — and allow that journey to bring you into acceptance and ultimately joy. She’s a force that the world needs, and you can’t help but be encouraged by her words. You can find her here on social: @ruthielindseyIf you have any questions that you would like to be answered on the podcast, you can ask them here!Follow Caleb here.Follow Kara here.

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