May 23, 20121h 43m
Lost Treasures Of The Black Heart 03 - May 9th 2011
May 23 '121h 43m
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The Lost Treasures Of The Black Heart is a sort of comedy club in Camden town each month, where comedians, writers and musicians write special sets venerating an unsung hero or celebrating an obscure thing. It's very rough and silly. It's compered by Josie Long, who tries out new ideas and improvises things. We hope you like it, we wanted to make it as close to the bizarre, ramshackle nature of the night as possible. This third episode was recorded at the Black Heart on the 9th May 2011 (over a whole year ago now! Have a listen and see how different everything was!!!) The month was blighted somewhat by loads of noise from the bar downstairs, where a karaoke night was being held by - of all people - the mayor of Camden! Whilst it may have been frustrating on the night, Josie would like it be known that the mayor turned out to be lovely and they even became friends on twitter. No grudges were formed in the making of this podcast. It features performances by Josie Long, Matthew Crosby (and his female counterpart), Broderick Chow, Elis James, Joe Lycett, Neil Hughes, Tim Kennington and Lost Treasures regular, Nathaniel Metcalfe. We hope you enjoy it! You can drop us a line at, if you like!

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