Oct 11, 20170m
Prayer Q&A
Oct 11 '170m
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“In this week’su00a0episode we wrap up our Prayer series by taking listener questions. u00a0Listen in as Banning unpacks youru00a0questions and dives deeper into the topic of prayer covering everything from the practical to the spiritual side of things.u00a0rnrnBanningu2019s book recommendations:rn rn rn t With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrewu00a0Murrayu00a0Power through Prayer by EM Bounds rn t The Life and Diary of David Brainerdu00a0 rn t Rees Howells: Intercessoru00a0 rn t Books byu00a0Frank Bartleman rn t Shaping History through Prayer & Fastingu00a0by Derek Princeu00a0 rn t Intercessors by Maurice Howells rn rn “

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