Jase & PJ - Tuesday 10th April 2018

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Apr 9, 20181h 23m | se1 : e64
Jase & PJ - Tuesday 10th April 2018
Apr 9 '181h 23m | se1e64
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Get all the details on PJ’s Aussie TV “debut” on The Project where she talked about something she did in the gym. Hint: It’s usually reserved for the bedroom *wink wink*.
And legendary newsreader Peter Hitchener, who happens to be the most loved man in Melbourne television, drops by the studio to help Jase & PJ with the 20K Birthday Balls. We also gave him a yummy cake to mark his 45th years with Nine News. 
Plus, we’ve got What Are You Cooking?, Yay or Nay, Perfect Pour and much, much more.

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