Jase & PJ - Friday 8th June 2018

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Jun 7, 201856m | se1 : e106
Jase & PJ - Friday 8th June 2018
Jun 7 '1856m | se1e106
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Happy Friday! Before you head off to the long weekend (YAASSS!) Jase & PJ has an action-packed show, full of fun, games and laughter for you.
First up, have you ever made a marriage pact with someone? You know, the sort of pact where you and someone agree that if you reach a specific age and neither of you is married to someone else you’ll marry each other. Intrigued?
Also, are you a sound-hater? Like, are there sounds that will drive you nuts? Maybe you can’t stand a folk scraping a plate or nails against a chalkboard. Don’t miss listeners sharing their stories!​
Plus, we’ve got PJ’s poem, Free Air Time Friday and much, much more.

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