Apr 30, 20207m | se1 : e2
Ep. 2 - No Kid is Asking (for Discipleship, that is)
Apr 307m | se1e2
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Let's face it - no kid is asking "disciple me!" Most don't even know what the word means - the dictionary sure doesn't! But Jesus called His followers to go make disciples, and God's Word tells families to tell the next generation about Him. So, even though no kid is asking, Family Disciple Me is all about how to start meaningful, life-changing, eternal-altering conversations with those God has entrusted to us.

Multiple biblical, relevant, easily accessible discipleship conversations are available for you to use to start a conversation with your kids of all ages today. Check out the Family Disciple Me home page for more information, or take a moment to subscribe for free in order to receive conversation resources straight to your fingertips in text or email. This makes discipleship easy for when the opportunity arises to have a God moment with your kids! Remember, discipleship starts with a conversation. You can do this - even if your kids aren't asking.

Family Disciple Me is a nonprofit ministry dedicated to encouraging and equipping Christ-followers of all ages to "Seek Him Speak Him." 

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