May 7, 201924m
019: Stop Giving Away Your Valuable Time, Energy, and Talent - Do This Instead
May 7 '1924m
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Deborah Stewart has been an early childhood educator for over 30 years. Her membership site, The Honey Bee Hive, helps teachers create strong foundations for young people. She provides proven strategies they can use to keep kids engaged in learning activities, play, and exploration in the classroom.

However, before launching her membership site, Deborah struggled to turn her unique skill set into a sustainable business. She built an online following and was providing valuable resources to a growing audience - but realized that as long as she continued to give her materials away for free, she was both losing money and making it harder to pitch her membership site.

Today, Deborah joins the podcast to talk about getting over her fears, coming to terms with the fact that it’s okay to make money, and why you can’t waste another moment waiting to launch.


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