Issue Twelve with Tini Howard

Episode of: Issue Zero with Fred Kennedy

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Apr 10, 201736m | se1 : e12
Issue Twelve with Tini Howard
Apr 10 '1736m | se1e12
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This week, 'Fearless' Fred Kennedy, hangs out with Tini Howard, a shooting star, flying up the charts in the comic book community, and just a great writer in general. She's also a super nice person if you ever get to talk to her on a show room floor. She of course got her big break working on Witchblade with Top Cow Comics, did stuff with Power Rangers over at Boom, and she's also a massive fan of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, sci-fi, you name it, and we talk about it all today. We touch on the idea of Red Sonja, she of course carries a sword and walks around in a chainmail bikini, and she explains why that can still be empowering, and makes great points of why Red Sonja, and Witchblade aren't just mysogynistic ideals of women. We also talk spoilers, and so much more!

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