Romphims & the #BowWowChallenge (w/@12kyle)

Episode of: Is The Mic Still On

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May 31, 201750m
Romphims & the #BowWowChallenge (w/@12kyle)
May 31 '1750m
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00:25 Romphims and other fashion 20:45 Pass the Mic - Young Engagements 37:40 #BowWowChallenge -------------------------------- MAKE SURE YOU SEND US YOUR QUESTIONS FOR THE SHOW AT! "Is the Mic Still On” is by Dead End Hip Hop. | SUPPORT: Starring @Feefo247, @Beezy430, @kbinge, @mykectown, @IAmModestMediaand @SaireMusic Produced by @jayburritos of @RunawayJukebox

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