Kennels and N*gger Dogs

Episode of: Is The Mic Still On

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Jun 14, 20181h 59m
Kennels and N*gger Dogs
Jun 14 '181h 59m
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Episode two of three! Here are the time stamps: Insecure takes on black masculinity (1:07) Voting Rights (20:50) Kids in Kennels (27:30) Rodman (36:33) Kids in Kennels Pt. 2 (42:45) Black Dog Syndrome (51:40) Movies/TV Talk (55:00) Drake's gal (1:05:10) Pass the Mic Segment (1:24:00) Email your question to You can also DM your question to us on Twitter or send us a message on Facebook. Twitter: @isthemicstillon, @sairemusic, @iammodestmedia, @mykectown, @beezy430, @kennithbinge Facebook: Instagram: Music by: @nametag Twitter: @NAMETAGALXNDR Instagram: @nametagalexander Facebook: Nametag Alexander More at Executive Producer: Kennith B. Inge Producer: Sophie Bryce Recording Engineers: Kennith B. Inge & Modest Media LLC Audio Engineer: Brandon White & Kennith B. Inge Mastering: Brandon White Audio Editing: Kon the Don Graphic Design: Sophie Bryce and Modest Media LLC Is the Mic Still On is a Dead End Hip Hop production.

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