Black Korea Says Goodbye to Nipsey Hussle

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Apr 20, 20191h 5m
Black Korea Says Goodbye to Nipsey Hussle
Apr 201h 5m
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Hey Is The Mic Still On fans, check out an episode from the newest podcast from Dead End Hip Hop, Black Korea, A fresh take on Hip-Hop and Korean culture and how they intertwine. Covering current events, music and entertainment on a global scale. If you like the show, you can subscribe to Black Korea wherever you listen to podcasts.

Episode Description

On the very first episode of Black Korea we open with talking about the shooting and passing of Nipsey Hussle, American vs Korean marriage proposal traditions, trolling parents, Korean boy bands and their sexual exploits & one has to go; Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse or Beyonce! The cast & crew; Andy, Shelton, Tiffany and KP all introduce themselves and give insight as to why there's nothing like Black Korea on the internet!

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