Black Folks Game Too! (ft. Beezy & Kinge) [Dead End Gaming]

Episode of: Is The Mic Still On

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Jun 15, 201843m
Black Folks Game Too! (ft. Beezy & Kinge) [Dead End Gaming]
Jun 15 '1843m
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Episode 3 of 3! This one is a tad bit different. In this episode, Beezy and Kinge talk about the games Sony announced at their E3 press conference. This episode was recorded before the Fortnight controversy that broke later this week. Time Stamps: E3 (6:05) PS4 Sony Exclusives Games (8:04) Last of Us Part 2 (10:44) Destiny 2 Forsaken (13:58) Ghost of Tsushima (16:25) Control (20:07) Resident Evil 2 Remake (21:30) Kingdom Hearts 3 (26:43) Death Stranding (28:40) Spider-Man (31:45) Dying Light 2 and Division 2 (35:00) Follow us on Twitch: @deadendvideogames, @beezy430, @kbinge, @kobitv, @forceseeker Email your question to You can also DM your question to us on Twitter or send us a message on Facebook. Twitter: @isthemicstillon, @sairemusic, @iammodestmedia, @mykectown, @beezy430, @kennithbinge Facebook: Instagram: Music by: @nametag Twitter: @NAMETAGALXNDR Instagram: @nametagalexander Facebook: Nametag Alexander More at Executive Producer: Kennith B. Inge Producer: Sophie Bryce Recording Engineers: Kennith B. Inge & Modest Media LLC Audio Engineer: Brandon White & Kennith B. Inge Mastering: Brandon White Audio Editing: Kennith B. Inge Graphic Design: Sophie Bryce and Modest Media LLC Is the Mic Still On is a Dead End Hip Hop production.

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