Referendums: A Disaster For Democracy? / End Of Term

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Jul 27, 201643m
Referendums: A Disaster For Democracy? / End Of Term
Jul 27 '1643m
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After the omnishambles that was the Brexit campaign, and with a spotty record of our own when it comes to choosing, planning, running and rerunning referendums, is it time to admit that going to the people to decide a complex issue is simply a bad idea? Green Party leader Eamon Ryan, political scientist of the year Theresa Reidy, and Frank Flannery, former Fine Gael strategist, joined Hugh in Glenties last week to debate the question. But first, our own permanently unimpressed Parliamentary Correspondent Michael O'Regan is in studio for a quick appraisal of the Government's performance so far, as we head into the silly season.

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