Is the Earth Doomed? What Can We Do?

Episode of: Into the Anthropocene

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Nov 6, 201835m
Is the Earth Doomed? What Can We Do?
Nov 6 '1835m
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To wrap up our series, we ask our guests from throughout the series: If we’re living in the Anthropocene, is there anything we can do about it? Sarain and Ashley Wallis from Environmental Defence explore our options. What does working towards a sustainable future look like? Living on Mars isn’t exactly an option. For more information: Environmental Defence: Learn more about your carbon footprint: Visit to calculate your carbon load and learn about other ways to reduce your impact. Thanks so much for listening to our series! This episode was produced by Nadia Abraham, Shiralee Hudson Hill and Matthew Scott at the Art Gallery of Ontario. For more information on the podcast and the Anthropocene exhibition, visit our website:

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