Oct 30, 201840m
Into the Woods
Oct 30 '1840m
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When humans cut down forests, what disappears along with them? The ancient rainforests of Canada’s Pacific coast feature incredible biodiversity and some of the tallest and oldest trees in Canada, perhaps the world. In this episode author Harley Rustad tells the story of a tree that’s probably over 1000 years old (and miraculously still standing). We speak with Ken Wu of the Ancient Forest Alliance, a BC organization working to protect these forests. And we’re also joined by Tla-o-qui-at carver and activist Joe Martin who shares what these trees mean to him and his peoples. Together, these guests transport us into these majestic woodlands—hiking boots optional. For more information: Ancient Forest Alliance: www.ancientforestalliance.org. Harley Rustad and his new book Big Lonely Doug : www.harleyrustad.com. Joe Martin: http://www.tofinotime.com/artists/R-JMfrm.htm. This episode was produced by Nadia Abraham, Shiralee Hudson Hill and Matthew Scott at the Art Gallery of Ontario. For more information on the podcast and the Anthropocene exhibition, visit our website: www.ago.ca.

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