Lenny Castro

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Apr 11, 201658m
Lenny Castro
Apr 11 '1658m
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In cooking, there’s always that secret ingredient that make a dish special. In the LA music scene, Lenny Castro has been that secret ingredient for decades.  Lenny has recorded and toured with hundreds of major recording artists throughout his amazing career. His mastery of percussion has made him a first-call studio musician and one of the most recorded in the history of popular music.  Lenny had the good fortune to not have to “pound the pavement” for his first gigs in LA. It was Melissa Manchester who encouraged the teenage New York native to follow her to LA. He didn’t think twice and took the job.  One contact led to another and he found himself playing gigs on a regular basis. Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome the legendary  Lenny Castro.

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