David Garfield

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Nov 24, 200640m
David Garfield
Nov 24 '0640m
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The Los Angeles based keyboard player David Garfield has a long career as a musical director, arranger, composer and producer behind him, and he is still one of the ‘Cats’ that you always see playing local clubs such as The Baked Potato, Cafe Cordiale, or La Ve Lee. You’ll also find him on world tours with big acts like George Benson. Garfield has also performed at Keyboard Magazine’s 20th Anniversary Concert at the NAMM show alongside Bruce Hornsby and Joe Zawinul; played at the Modern Drummer magazine’s anniversary concert with Steve Ferrone; scored the syndicated TV show Sentinel; sat in with Isaac Hayes and The Blues Brothers at a House of Blues benefit concert; written music for the trailer for the Billy Crystal-Robin Williams comedy Father’s Day with James Newton-Howard, and finally the recording sessions for the Tribute to Jeff release. He is the founder of the band Los Lobotomys and Karizma and continues to influence the music world around us.

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