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Feb 13, 20171h 12m
Bill Meyers
Feb 13 '171h 12m
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Having studied classical organ at a young age, Bill Meyers thought of himself as a music snob. While his friends were into Led Zeppelin and other rock artists, Bill was focusing on the works of Bach. Bill honed his skills at the University of DePaul where he discovered a love for jazz, blues and R&B and started making his own music. A demo he created landed in the hands of Gino Vannelli and the rest is history. Bill joined Gino’s touring band, which eventually led him on his path in the music industry performing, producing, arranging and writing music for the likes of Madonna, Earth Wind and Fire, George Dukes, Boz Scaggs, Lou Rawls, David Foster, Natalie Cole, Sheila E, and many others. Here to expand on his incredible career is Bill Meyers.

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