May 7, 201820m | se1 : e86
Podcast86: Small Cap Investing...When Small Is Big
May 7 '1820m | se1e86
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Welcome back to Informed Decisions, Ireland's only dedicated Financial Planning Blog & Podcast. Hope you are winning! When it comes to investing in Ireland there are many folks that have no interest in what they are investing in, provided it makes them a decent return and it doesn't disappear over-night!

Others like to take a closer look at their options, to think about portfolios and what they should be doing. They might like to identify what will work for them as a suitable portfolio, to figure out if there is anything they could invest in that they had not previously heard of or been aware of much. This episode is for these types of people! (not to suggest that the 'other type' aren't welcome to keep listening!).

Is Small Cap one of the best things you can invest in? What are the risks of investing in Small Caps? How can you invest in Small Caps? These are some of the aspects we take a look at in this weeks episode.....thanks a mill for checking it out.

Paddy Delaney

QFA | RPA | APA | Qualified Coach

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