Preschool: The Path to Providing Equal Educational Opportunities [IEP 067]

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Feb 12, 201930m
Preschool: The Path to Providing Equal Educational Opportunities [IEP 067]
Feb 1230m
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Do you have children under 6, or plan on having kids? Did you know that in California the kids legally do not have to start school until 6 years old? Education affects everything. It affects a child’s ability to become a full-fledged member of society. Listen in to today’s episode and learn more about preschool and how important it is for early childhood growth and development.


Show Highlights:

  • Preschool is not mandatory in California
  • Children’s brains are sponges, and between 3-5 years old this is huge
  • Governor, Gavin Newsom made a proposed budget for the early intervention
  • The proposed budget will need tons of support; there will be pushbacks
  • The focus is for education to close the gap between affluent and poor families
  • CA Governor wants to spend the budget on programs that are designed to boost states enrollment in early education and child care programs
  • How many hours a day child care and preschool can be
  • Good news on the proposal for the budget with the 3-year plan
  • Early intervention and how it affects our children
  • Updates to come on upcoming podcast episodes 


Resources Mentioned in the Show:


Governor’s budget summary 2019-2020 Click Here


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