E230: This is What Happens When a Coronal Mass Ejection Strikes

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Oct 16, 201731m
E230: This is What Happens When a Coronal Mass Ejection Strikes
Oct 16 '1731m
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In this episode, we’re joined by Author RE McDermott. He shares with us who he is, his book Under a Tell Tale Sky, and how life after a coronal mass eject might go off the rails.

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Dystopian fiction books in the prepper niche often focus on EMPs. It's a seemingly easy target -- especially these days. North Korea and other bad actors are suspected of either being capable of or working diligently to produce a weapon that can destroy our grid.

But it's not often we get a book based on a coronal mass ejection; CME for short. Under a Tell Tale Sky paints a picture of what life might look like immediately after a CME. And author RE McDermott uses this scenario to demonstrate some of the benefits of being on a boat if a CME it.

A coronal mass ejection is an electromagnetic pulse caused by a solar flare, in simple terms. So it's a naturally occurring phenomenon. And there are such events in recent recorded history. Most famous and largest among them is the Carrington Event - also known as the solar storm of 1859.

Under a Tell Tale Sky Topics Discussed:

  • How McDermott become interested in writing
  • His history in the maritime industry and how it impacted the book
  • Why he picked a CME as the cause of the disaster for his book
  • Natural Vs. Man-made disasters
  • Balancing storytelling with technical details
  • McDermott's view of prepping and what he personally focuses on
  • The best $100 he's ever spent on preparedness (he cheats ;-)
  • The thing that bothers him most in the prepper community
  • What he considerers his go-to rifle

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