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Aug 28, 201849m | se1 : e7
All In The Family
Aug 28 '1849m | se1e7
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Aishah Shahidah Simmons survived incest and sexual abuse. She is a self-described Black feminist lesbian documentary filmmaker. Then, we talk to writer Amanda Rosenberg, who survived a suicide attempt and says hiding her mental illness from her family almost killed her. We also describe both as badasses who took their trauma and created art from it. Family members telling you to hide your feelings because they say they don’t want to deal with you? Now that’s mental.

Links from today’s episode!

Aishah’s film, NO! The Rape Documentary, is available online or as a DVD.

Learn more about #LoveWithAccountability

You can also read more about Ashiah’s intersectional approaches to her activism.

You can read Amanda’s Vox article and learn more about the “model minority” myth.

You can also visit Amanda’s website for more.

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