Bonding (ft. Brendan Scannell)

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May 14, 201926m | se1 : e10
Bonding (ft. Brendan Scannell)
May 14 '1926m | se1e10
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In this week's bonus episode, host Bobby Finger talks to the star of the new Netflix original series Bonding, Brendan Scannell. During their chat, Brendan discusses how he came to the role of a dom's assistant/bodyguard, the importance of creating a family of friends in one's life, and the importance of pride in communities of people who grew up thinking of sexuality as something to be ashamed of. He also gushes about some recent queer TV and film, including Gregg Araki's series Now Apocalypse and the film God's Own Country. And, duh, he loves I Think You Should Leave as much as everyone else.

Bonding is now streaming on Netflix.

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